Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Concerned Mom or Stalker? You Decide...

As previously discussed, Son #1 is in Branson, MO with his high school band. I'm a very involved parent (not enough to chaperon the trip, you have to be dedicated crazy to do that), but I like to think that we communicate well, and I know most of what is going on in his life. We talk. At least I thought we did...

Fast forward to today, he's almost 700 miles away from me and on a trip that I've spent 6 months paying for. I'd like to know how he's doing, is he having fun, how was the drive, is there a tornado about to touch down, is he still alive, you know, silly things like that. I've gotten one text from him and it was to ask me where I packed something. When I text him, I get one word responses...yep, nope, fine. At least I know he is healthy enough to text back 3 to 4 letter responses.

So, if you're keeping score: Concerned Mom, 1 point   Stalker, 0 points  (yay!)

But we can't just leave it there can we? No.

That is where Facebook and 15 year old girls come into play. You see, I'm Facebook friends with a girl in the band who is also on the trip. This girl is awesome. I've known her most of her life, and I enjoy being Facebook friends with her.

One huge difference between 15 year old boys and 15 year old girls is that boys text their moms one word updates, whereas girls post pictures, check ins, and LOTS of comments on Facebook. I know everything that Son #1 is doing, but only because I am stalking following this girl on Facebook.

So, keep the one word texts coming kiddo, so I know your still alive. And keep the Facebook post coming, sweet girl, looks like a fabulous trip so far.

Concerned mom: 1 point    Stalker: 1 point

Tied! I can live with that,

I tell my child, if I seem obsessed to always know where you've been, it is because my DNA will be found at the scene.  ~Robert Brault

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Hope Full said...

Well, since I'm already a crazy stalker mom, I guess I will talk to myself.
I wonder if anyone else is reading this at all? I guess someone is b/c the counter keeps increasing.
I really shouldn't talk to myself at 12:30 at night, I tend to ramble and not make much sense.
My TV is broken, so I can't watch Chopped like I planned, bummer. I already have 2 dead TVs in this room, I guess this is the place TVs go to die. I'm a serial TV killer!!