Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness?

I saw the dark side of my children this morning, and I didn't like it.

My boys have to be at the bus stop at 6:15am.  None of us are at our bests that early in the morning, so we usually just sit quietly (they sleep) and wait for the bus (I watch for bus). This morning a storm blew in very quickly and it was raining steadily and there was LOTS of lightning.

We drove to the bus stop this morning because of the rain, and when I pulled up all the kids, but two, were also in cars. These kids (brother and sister) were sitting out in the open, getting rained on and it was obvious that the lightning scared them (it scared me, too by the way). I asked the boys if we should invite them into the car to get out of the rain, and both my beloved children said, "No. They are annoying. I don't like them." I was shocked.

I sat there for a moment, hesitating. My kids are usually pretty good judges of character and they are usually very kind to others. If they don't want to help these kids during this dreadful weather, there must be a good reason. This indecision lasted about 30 seconds, then I thought, "Screw it! Even if my kids were annoying heathens (jury is still out on this), I'd still want someone to help them in this kind of weather." So I rolled down the window and asked the kids if they wanted to get out of the rain. "Yes, thank you!" was of course the response.

We have a small SUV, so I opened the hatch and they crawled in the back, now completely out of the elements, safe and sound. They turned out to be in middle school (boy 6th grade, girl 7th grade), and while they were a tad annoying and due to a few of their comments and stories, would not be my first choice of companions for my children, they were polite and grateful for the shelter.

I'm not really sure how to handle this situation. I'm disappointed in the choice my boys made, and I'm ashamed at myself for even momentarily supporting their decision. Perhaps I have not been a good enough example to them. I think some random acts of kindness are in order, so they can see how good it feels to help others.


If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.  ~Bob Hope


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping those kids.

Amy said...

Kids can be so exasperating can't they? I can relate to this as we have had issues with a child at our busstop--or rather he and his mom have issues with us. .. It is sticky, and I have gone to ignoring their existence, but you have made me rethink--what is the right example to set? (long story I won't get into here ;-) Thank you, am going to look over your blog now

Hope Full said...

Hi Amy, yes they can. I love my boys, but they do keep me on my toes. Most of the problems we have had at school, have been issues ON the bus. It is crazy how bad kids behave on a school bus.

This is our first issue at the bus stop, usually we walk and I let them walk the last 10% by themselves, because "moms can be so embarrassing" lol

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my blog,

Rebecca said...

Give yourself a break, Mom.

You gave your kiddos the opportunity to do the right thing. They demurred. Then you SHOWED them the right thing to do.

When all was said and done, you understood your children better. They had a knee-jerk reaction to do nothing because of who they know those kids to be (rather annoying.)

You showed them the right thing to do regardless of their (or your) initial reaction.

In the end, your greatest kindness was to those two children who are probably hard to be around because they have the kind of parents who leave them standing in a storm. You also taught them something about kindness this morning.

Hope Full said...

Thanks Rebecca, hadn't thought about it that way. Those kids (and mine) prob did learn something today, hopefully they will pass it on.
Kinda hard to see the big picture sometimes,