Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Magnetic Chili Dog

Yesterday was another in a series of crazy days. I had to do the intricate evening ballet dance of getting two boys to two activities, grocery shop and pick up dinner. It was suggested (by my ravenous children) that instead of getting a pizza and cooking it when we got home, we should get Sonic instead, and "Hey Mom! It's half price burger night!"

This suggestion was made at about 5:30pm and from that moment on, all I could think about was a foot long chili cheese dog. I know they are probably the least nutritious bad for you food on the planet, but I really wanted one. I was craving one. It's like a chili cheese covered frankfurter parasite crawled in my brain and took up residence there.

We proceeded through our evening, picked up #2 son (rated by age not preference, because goodness knows the ranking would change frequently) from the bus stop, drove into town, renewed library books, picked up #1 son from band practice, drove #2 son to choir practice, dropped off recycling, short grocery store run, pick up #2 son, and then headed to Sonic.

At this point, it's around 7:30pm and my stomach isn't feeling too well, so I squash the chili dog parasite craving and order a kids meal instead. Of course there was a lot of other food ordered once the two bottomless pit kids and husband got done ordering. They bring the food out in a BIG shopping bag...its a bit embarrassing. I mean, come on, one car load of people does not need that much food!! Oh well, I just point to the teenage boys in the car and everyone understands.

So I'm handing out the copious amounts of food and there is one bag left over. I look inside and it's a freaking foot long chili cheese dog!! I didn't order it, I swear. Somehow it got mixed in with our order (which was complete). My husband's eyes lit up when he saw it, because he knew I wasn't going to be able to eat it. Damn it! I attracted a foot long chili cheese dog and don't even get to eat it. He and the dog ended up splitting it. I couldn't even finish my dried up kids burger. Sniff, Sniff.

Today I'm going to think about a chili cheese covered winning lottery ticket!

Winner winner, chili cheese dog dinner,

May the dragon of life only roast your hot dogs, and not your buns. - ??

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